Places of interest served by the division

  • Mangalagiri: Located on the Guntur-Vijayawada route, Mangalagiri is the site of a renowned Hindu temple and is famous for its handloom industry.
  • Nagarjuna sagar: 29 km away from Macherla station, Nagarjunasagar is a huge artificial lake created by the construction of a dam and hydropower station on the River Krishna. The submerged valley was the site of the Ancient Krishna River Valley civilization that flourished in the Later Buddhist period. A 2000-year-old stupa and the remains of a university are among the relics that now lie underwater. The recoverable relics were rescued and are now displayed at the Archaeological Museum in Nagarjunakonda, an island in the lake. Also nearby are the well known Ethipothala Falls, one of the largest in India.

Mangalagiri Station, Guntur, AP.
  • Srisailam: Located in the Nallamala Hills, 85 km from Markapur station and 125 km from Vinukonda, Srisailam is the site of a major hydroelectric project on the River Krishna. It is also a much revered pilgrimage spot for Hindus due to the Shiva temple and its status as one of the 12 Jyothirlingams. The town is the gateway for the Rajiv Gandhi National Park that spreads over 3568 km2 and is one of the last major refuges of the Royal Bengal Tiger.
  • Amaravati: 30 km from Guntur, Amaravati was the capital of the Satavahanas, a powerful dynasty that ruled modern Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra for 500 years after the fall of the Mauryan Empire. It is also the site of a famous Shiva temple and the ruins of the Amaravati Stupa, a Buddhist shrine of Ashokan era, panels of which are now found in Tokyo and London museums.
  • Mahanandi: About 16 km from Nandyal is Mahanandi, one of the most popular shrines in Andhra Pradesh. Nestled in the Nallamala Hills, Mahanandi is famous for the Mahanandiswara Swamy Temple, dedicated to Lord Siva. It is one of the Navanandis. A unique feature of the shrine is that one is allowed to touch the lingam present in the Garbha-griham.
  • Macherla: 131 km from Guntur, Macherla is the terminus of the Nadikudi-Macherla line and the nearest railhead for Nagarjuna Sagar. It is also the site of a famous 13th century temple dedicated to Sri Laxmi Chennakesava Swamy.
  • Uppalapadu Bird Sanctuary: 8 km away from Guntur. It is the site of a wetland that hosts a large variety of both local and migratory birds. It is famous for the spot-billed Pelican that migrates from south and southeast Asia to nest in this wetland.

A pelican colony at Uppalapadu, Guntur
  • Cumbum Lake: Built by the Gajapati Kings of Orissa in the 15th century, the dam on the River Gundlakamma is one of the oldest in Asia. At the turn of 20th century the height of the dam was 57 feet (17 m) and the drainage area was 430 square miles (1,100 km2). The direct irrigation land was about 10,300 acres (42 km2) in all. The dam is a short distance away from Cumbum Station on the Nandyal line.
  • Bhattiprolu: About 28 km from Tenali on the Repalle line, Bhattiprolu was one of the earliest sites of pre-Mauryan Buddhism in South India. A phrase written on a piece of pottery, excavated from the Stupa there is the earliest example of Brahmi script in South India, dating back to 4th century BC. It is thus the site from where Tamil and Telugu script evolved.